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Heath Ledger and Rose Byrne by Rupert Thorpe






Georgian First Grader Beaten and Sexually Assaulted by Male Classmates…School Says Boys Just “Rough Housing”
Valdosta - Three first grade boys kept a female classmate outside after recess by hiding in the woods, pushing her face first into the ground. The victim, whose name is being withheld, has suffered scarring to the right side of her face from broken tree branches and rocks that she was allegedly assaulted with both physically and sexually.
The victim was able to escape the male classmates after fifteen minutes of torture, running into a fifth grade classroom and alerting a teacher of what had happened. The principle of the elementary school said he had a “man to man” talk with the boys and their parents, giving them two days of suspension. He neglected calling the local authorities claiming “it did not seem like a police matter, just simple rough housing gone a little too far”.
The parents of the victim are looking to press charges on the boys for sexual and physical assault, as well as a possible law suit against the school district. District superintendent was not available for comment. 

This is called rape culture you guys. The girl was 7 years old and they called it “rough housing” between boys.

Please boost this post! People NEED to hear about this.

It’s 2014. What the hell

Wooooow, this is not okay. The principal also needs to be replaced.

listen I’m not trying to be a dick, but where is the source I feel like this was an article I saw not too long ago that someone facted checked on it.

She’s the little girl that was kicked by the kangaroo right?

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"I’m fat and I’m not sorry."

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Culinary artist Samantha Lee came up with a cute way to get her kids to eat healthy food.

its really cute but who the hell has time for this?? you have kids and have time to do such a time consuming thing tell me your secret pls

Edit: Culinary artist Samantha lee probably got paid to take photos of her neat food art for a blog to make mamas feel inferior but in reallife u kno shes dumping boxed Mac n cheese and pleading for bites of broccoli like the rest of us

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My thighs are huge cuz they’re full of secrets

Wrap them around my ears and let me hear them all

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The legend, Robin Williams, with his daughter Zelda, perhaps playing some “Legend Of Zelda”. 
Mr. Williams loved the Legend of Zelda series so much, he named his daughter after the Princess.
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