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This pug brought to you by Victoria V, in honor of a marvelous donation to help pugs and other pups!



So there’s this place in New South Wales called Yass and there is a mcdonalds there and well…..


"my ass"

open 24 hours

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acharmingdevil asked: What!?! I didn't know this that's so cool! I live in East LA.

its a small world i wouldnt think at all your from east la thats so cool

So my boyfriend gets a call and lowers the volume : /.. and right away i can tell buy the conversation that its for a delivery... and i ask him who and its one of his "homegirls" ugh what can i do be just keep quite and have my insecurities eat me up inside
#workflow photo the line has been nonstop #shakeys

acharmingdevil asked: you're from east la? Or around the area???? 0.0

Yes Sir ^_^